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  Wedge Disclaimer  
Individuals interested in making investment decisions should do a thorough investigation and consult many sources. The is one such resource. The California State Teachers' Retirement System (CalSTRS) is statutorily required to administer and organize the data contained herein that has been supplied by vendors. CalSTRS is prohibited from subjectively ranking or giving preference to a vendor or product in the registry. The cost of establishing and maintaining the website is financed by fees borne equally by the registered vendors. CalSTRS is not responsible for and may not be held liable for the adequacy of the information available on 403bCompare provided by the participating vendors. (Ed. Code ยง 25109(a).) The listing of a vendor or product on this site does not constitute an endorsement or warranty of the vendor or product by CalSTRS. Any investment decision should involve researching available investment vehicles, carefully studying investment options, and assessing what would be the most appropriate course of action based upon individual needs. The vendors and products identified on each have points of contacts listed where to obtain additional information or direct questions.
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