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  Life Insurance Company of the Southwest
403bCompare ID: 1036

Type of Vendor:
Life Insurance Company

Number of Products Registered:

Statement of Experience:
Number of years vendor has offered 403(b) investment products under public employer retirement plans in California:
18 years

Number of years vendor has offered 403(b) investment products under public employer retirement plans in the U.S.:
19 years

Primary Business Address:
1300 West Mockingbird Lane

Suite 400
Dallas TX 75247

Remittance Address:
Life Insurance Company of the Southwest

Dept. LA 21527
Pasadena CA 91185-1527

Product Contact for Prospective Investors:
Keith  Young

Product Contact for Employers of Prospective Investors:
Keith  Young

Additional information about vendor's experience in California and other states:

Life Insurance Company of the Southwest (“LSW”) is a Dallas, TX based life insurance company which only offers group and individual annuities as defined under section 403(b)(1) of the Internal Revenue Code. LSW specializes in the design, administration, and marketing of tax deferred retirement vehicles in several markets but with an emphasis in the 403(b) marketplace. LSW is an authorized TSA provider for over 7,000 school districts, universities, and not-for-profit organizations. LSW maintains a regional sales office dedicated to the California 403(b) marketplace. LSW is represented in California by several independent marketing organizations as well as by over 800 professional independent agents.

Ability, Experience and Commitment to Provide Retirement Counseling and Education Services:

Counseling and Educational Services are provided in the following manner:
Network of local independent agents or representatives

Types of 403(b) counseling and educational services:
Retirement Planning - LSW representatives assist employees in their retirement planning by discussing risk tolerance, available products and future needs so educators can make informed choices. LSW provides software programs to its' agents which analyzes future benefits from CalSTRS, Social Security, personal savings and dollars accumulated through 403(b) contributions. Computerized illustrations illustrate results.

Additional Details:
LSW offers retirement planning workshops for employees so that employees may have a personal discussion to better understand benefits available through CalSTRS and 403(b) plans. LSW's website has a teacher's homeroom section to help educators in their everyday working environment. From lesson plans to tours of the Louvre, LSW's teacher's homeroom website organizes hundreds of links to make an educator's job easier! LSW's home page at also makes many financial calculators available.

Range of Services:

Asset Allocation Planning
Calculation of daily net asset values
Direct investor access to account information
Other: LSW’s 403(b) services include calculating, accounting and administration of benefits for participants for MRDs, Contribution Limits, Distributions, 403(b) loans and monitors changes in law. LSW does recordkeeping for the participants, monitors asset purchases, maintains control while safely and promptly executing participants’ instructions regarding contribution allocations and such other matters as allowed by the policy. Participants use the LSW website to see daily annuity value, transactions, and quarterly statements. Fourth quarter statements are sent to all 403(b) policyholders. LSW is compliant with standards of care applicable to insurance services consistent with federal and state law. Policyowner information is kept confidential and LSW strives to comply with privacy laws.

Financial Strength and Stability:
Moody's:   A3
AM Best:   A
Standard and Poor:   A
Other:   Fitch - AA-
Assets Under Management:  $5 Billion
Ability to Comply with Federal and State Law:
Is this vendor able to comply with all applicable provisions of federal and state law governing retirement plans, including minimum distribution requirements and contribution limits? Yes

Compliance procedures:

LSW complies with all applicable provisions of federal and state law and regulations which govern retirement plans including calculating and monitoring: Minimum Required Distributions, Contribution Limits, General Distributions, Loans, State Fillings for Products, and any other applicable requirements of federal or state law. We have senior tax lawyers on staff and use the service of a Washington DC law firm, Davis & Harman, to interpret and implement current and new tax law, regulations, and rulings from the federal government and State of California.
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