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My Employer - Find and select your employer
Find and select your employer to view contact information, get a salary reduction agreement, and view an approved vendors list. By selecting your employer you will also be able to customize information you choose to view on the 403bCompare Web site.
  1. Click on "My Employer" in the left navigation bar.

    My Employer Navigation
  2. Search for your employer in one of two ways:
    a. Enter full or partial name in the search box and click "Search."
    b. Click on the first letter of your employer's name to view an alphabetical list.

    Search Employer
  3. When the search results appear find your employer's name, click the corresponding radio button, and click "Select".

    Select Employer

    After clicking the select button, your employer selection will be saved. You will be able to customize the display of information in other areas of the site based on this selection.

    Note: After a 1 hour period of inactivity your session will automatically time out, and your employer selection will be lost.
  4. After you select your employer, you will be taken to the employer detail page. Your employer's contact information, salary reduction agreement, and approved vendor list are available.
  5. To view information about an approved 403(b) vendor, including a list of products offered, click on the vendor's name.
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