Voya Advantage Century (ReliaStar)
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Variable Annuity 

7 Years / 7%
Roth Eligible

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Individual, flexible premium variable annuity product featuring over 70 variable investment options from over 20 investment management firms as well as 3 fixed interest options. Product features include dollar cost averaging, automatic account rebalancing, and an enhanced death benefit. Optional One-Year Step-Up Death Benefit is available for an additional fee. (Policy Form Number 13076 7-99) Voya Advantage Century is issued by ReliaStar Life Insurance Company (Minneapolis, MN) and distributed by Voya Financial Partners, LLC, (member SIPC). Both are members of the Voya family of companies.cn66763099999.

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Automatic Reallocation Program provides reallocation of variable investment options on a quarterly basis. There is no charge for this program.
Dollar cost averaging program allows you to automatically transfer a fixed dollar amount or specified percentage from the variable investment options or from the designated fixed interest options to any of the other variable investment options. There is no charge for the dollar cost averaging program. Dollar cost averaging does not ensure a profit nor protect against a loss in a declining market.
Participants may borrow from the current value of their individual account at any time prior to the election of an annuity option. The minimum loan amount is $1,000. Total loans must not exceed the lessor of 50% of the participant's account value, or $50,000, less any outstanding loan balance(s) on the effective date of the loan. The loan interest rate charged is 5.50% on an annual basis. This rate is charged for the life of the loan. The participant earns 3.00% on an annual basis. There are currently no loan origination or annual loan fees.
Minimum Distribution Option is available.

Riders are amendments to the annuity contract that typically add to your costs. make sure you inquire about any additional costs. The following riders exist for this product:

Step Up (Reset) Death Benefit:
Rider enables the participant to include the anniversary immediately preceding death instead of the sixth account anniversary immediately preceding death in the standard death benefit. The charge for this rider is equal to an annual rate of 0.15% of the average daily value of the amounts invested in the variable investment options, charged on an monthly basis.
Payments will be made as long as the payee or joint payee is alive.
Payments will be made as long as the payee is alive.
Payments will be made based on a life income annuity with a period certain of at least 120 months.
Lump Sum option is available.
Payments will be made in equal installments over a minimum length of time of five (5) years. The maximum length of time is thirty (30) years, but may not be longer than the life expectancy of the payee.

All 403(b) products contain fees. The amount of fees varies greatly depending on the product. A slight increase in fees can substantially reduce the growth in your account which will reduce your income in retirement. To learn more about the impact of fees, and the different types of fees please refer to the Explanation of Fees piece located in the Help & Resources.


0.15% Annually Percent of Amount Invested No No Yes

$30.00 Annually Flat Dollar Amount Yes Yes Yes
Fee Waiver
The annual contract charge is waived when the contract value exceeds $25,000 or $5000 of annual premium payments (net of withdrawals) is received.
The annual contract charge is waived when the contract value exceeds $25,000 or $5000 of annual premium payments (net of withdrawals) is received.

1.25% Annually Percentage of Annual Assets No No No

Surrender Charges

Surrender Period* Surrender Percentage
1 7.00%
2 7.00%
3 6.00%
4 5.00%
5 4.00%
6 2.00%
7 0.00%

*Expressed in contract years

Surrender Penalty Charge assessed on a "rolling" basis: The early withdrawal charge is calculated separately for each purchase payment withdrawn. For purposes of calculating the early withdrawal charge, we consider that your first payment to the account is the first you withdraw. The early withdrawal char
Exceptions to the Surrender Charge:
Percent of purchase payments:
Other Restrictions:
Benefit sensitive feature: Contract must be at least five years old and the participant separated from service after the attainment of age 55.


Fixed Investment Options

Variable Investment Options

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