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The Guaranteed Interest Fund (GIF) is a general account product of Great-West Life & Annuity Insurance Company (GWL&A). As a general account product offered through the group annuity contract, participant principal and interest are fully guaranteed by the entire general account assets of GWL&A, which as of June 30, 2015, were $31.0 billion and include $1.9 billion in shareholder equity and accumulated surplus. General Account liabilities as of June 30, 2015 were $29.0 billion. This means that GWL&A holds an additional 6.6% in capital for every dollar of liability we have. These assets are primarily high-quality, fixed income bonds, with 99% rated investment-grade and 16.2% rated AAA as of June 30, 2015

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Loans under §403(b) tax-deferred annuities are subject to the same rules applicable to loans under qualified plans. Loans made by qualified plans, government plans, and tax-deferred annuities that are to be repaid within a period of five years are to be treated as a distribution only to the extent that the principal amounts exceeds the lesser of: $50,000 reduced by the highest outstanding loan balance during the previous 12 months, or One-half of the present value of the participant's non-forfeitable accrued benefit under the plan(s). Code §72(p)(2)(A). No more than one-half of the vested account can be borrowed when the account balance is the only security for the loan.
General Account crediting rates are net of cost of capital and expenses covered by the fund and guarantee provisions. The Guarantee Provision covers the range of insurance expenses that are netted from the crediting rate, such as asset defaults, cost of insurance guarantees, and other expenses. The Guarantee Provision is calculated annually in aggregate for all General Account fixed funds offered by GWL&A and does not reflect any product or plan specific underwriting adjustments.
These rates may change without notice. Contact your provider for the most current rates.

All 403(b) products contain fees. The amount of fees varies greatly depending on the product. A slight increase in fees can substantially reduce the growth in your account which will reduce your income in retirement. To learn more about the impact of fees, and the different types of fees please refer to the Explanation of Fees piece located in the Help & Resources.


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