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Use the following contact information to enroll or ask questions.

(844) 788-3474
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9200 Mineral Ave.
Suite 225
Centennial , CO 80112
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IPX Fidelity offers over 140 mutual funds in our 403(b) plans. These funds span the investment spectrum from international equities to domestic money market funds.

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IPX Fidelity offers investment options with no up front loads
IPX offers participants and advisors the ability to re-balance portfolios on demand via their online portals.
Payroll contributions are processed immediately upon receipt thus ensuring that dollar cost averaging is achieved.
Participants are able to update and change their investment elections, realign their accounts and transfer money from one fund to another all within their web portal.
Loans can be requested and processed as long as they are allowed within the plan
Hardship and other withdrawals can be requested and processed as long as these types of transactions are allowed by the plan.
IPX will notify all affected participants of the RMD requirement on an annual basis.

All 403(b) products contain fees. The amount of fees varies greatly depending on the product. A slight increase in fees can substantially reduce the growth in your account which will reduce your income in retirement. To learn more about the impact of fees, and the different types of fees please refer to the Explanation of Fees piece located in the Help & Resources.


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