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(800) 544-5445
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Primerica Shareholder Services
PO Box 9662
Providence, RI 02940-9662
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Primerica offers a diversified group of best-in-class global asset management firms, who are recognized for their proven investment expertise and long-term performance. Legg Mason provides an extensive menu of investment options, from equity funds, bond funds, balanced funds to international funds, all designed to fit your retirement needs.

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All 403(b) products contain fees. The amount of fees varies greatly depending on the product. A slight increase in fees can substantially reduce the growth in your account which will reduce your income in retirement. To learn more about the impact of fees, and the different types of fees please refer to the Explanation of Fees piece located in the Help & Resources.


$50.00 At the time account is closed Flat Dollar Amount Yes No No
Fee Waiver
The termination fee is only charged once per employee. For instance, if a client fully liquidates more than one account, the client is only charged one termination fee.

$20.00 Annually Flat Dollar Amount No No No

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Variable Investment Options

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